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About Us

Wilsgrow Limited, a domestic profit corporation with the address 622 Alta View CT, Worthington, OH, 43085, USA, was registered on April 26, 2020. This entity's company identifier is 20060586. Food that has been frozen is traded or distributed by Wilsgrow. Since its registration, Wilsgrow Limited has been in business for more than 3 years. Within its early stage of starting its commercial business, the company has been running at 70% of its capacity. In an effort to increase client satisfaction, Wilsgrow Ltd has teamed with both international and local companies. Additionally, the business is updating its production and logistics strategy, which will determine the future direction of its production and distribution locations, production and distribution programs, capacity planning, technologies, and all logistical aspects, as well as establish a value-added brand for its products. 

Mission Statement

The goal of Wilsgrow Ltd is to provide high premium quality and reasonably priced branded products that will meet customers' nutritional, healthy, and overall wellness needs, by creating value for all parties involved, including consumers and stakeholders, and promoting personal development and happiness.

Wilsgrow Ltd seeks to achieve the ideal balance between sustainable growth, efficiency, and capital efficiency in order to become the top food supplier in its sector with goods based on the
value-added model.

Vision Statement

Our  Objective

Our primary objective is to offer the average Ghanian business owner quality but affordable meat, fish and chicken products from all part of the world.

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